If you would like to do your own benchmarks you do not need to start from scratch - just setup GeDA project and have a look at the core-btest module. Most of what you will need is already there - all you'll need to do is add your specific tests.

GeDA 3.0.0 vs Orika 1.4.1

Benchmark is here


GeDA 2.1.1 vs Orika 1.3.4

Benchmark is here


GeDA 2.0.3 vs Orika 1.2.0 vs Dozer 5.3.2 vs ModelMapper 0.5.0

Main goal for release 2.0.3 is performance. The aim is to make GeDA the fastest DTO to entity assembler library there is.

Currently the main rival is Orika latest version of which is twice as slow as GeDA 2.0.3. Other rivals such as ModelMapper and Dozer fall far behind on performance.

The benchmark test results can be found here.

If you wish to amend the tests or create you own there is a new mvn module: core-btest so you can checkout GeDA source and challenge it as you wish.

Here is the latest stats on 25000 object conversions:


  As you can see Manual copy is a lot faster and was put in here deliberately - we want to provide our users with trusted and informative data.

You cannot bean the JVM - no question about it. But this shows clearly that GeDA is ahead of all competition.

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