2013-05-27 v.3.1.0 (tagged in svn)

    Improvements to DSL API allowing auto mapping fields using DtoEntityContext.withFieldsSameAsIn(String beanKey, String ... excluding)
    Improvements to Adapters API. Added default bean factory implementation to core, Adapters factory and improvements to bean factory resolution from DSL registry if bean factory parameter is omitted.
    Improvements to Class detection for mapping
    Full review of API and improvements to documentation
    Spring integration schemas will now be available with http://genericdtoassembler.org/schema namespace

2013-02-26 v.3.0.0 (tagged in svn)

    GeDA is optimized for use in multi class loader environment such as OSGi. Now it is possible to specify which class loader Assembler instance should work with.
    DSL package was moved from com.inspiresoftware.lib.dto.geda.assembler.dsl to com.inspiresoftware.lib.dto.geda.dsl
    We now have genuine OSGi bundle. By genuine we mean that this is a bundle the exposes GeDAFacade service that can be requested by other bundles rather than exposing full library (which is what most people do).
    More performance improvements of course. See benchmarks against latest Orika CaliperBenchmarkGeDA3000Orika141. GeDA is twice as fast and gets up to three times faster under heavy loads. 

2012-12-13 v.2.1.2 (tagged in svn)

    Improved property resolution mechanism for complex interface inheritance

    Removed deprecated DTOHelper class.

2012-11-19 v.2.1.1 (tagged in svn)

    Yet even more performance improvements (refactored code to remove NewObjectProxy)

    Pure Spring XML configuration feature without use of @Transactional.

    Removed deprecated methods and classes

    Updated Benchmarks with latest rival versions (We are still the fastest).

2012-10-12 v2.1.0 (tagged in svn)

    More performance improvements (focus on collections mappings and spring integration module)

    DTOHelper to be deprecated. Now to work with loading into maps and lists you will use standard DTOAssemblers.

    DSL - we now will have option of not using the annotations but rather constructing mappings at runtime using GeDA DSL registry.

2012-09-18 v2.0.3 (tagged in svn)

    Performance, performance and again performance! See benchmark report for GeDA. We keep on being the fastest library there is by far!

2012-08-31 Stable v.2.0.2 (tagged in svn)

    Removed ptest from POM (now only built via -Pwith-ptest switch)

  Composite DTO is now possible (see address book example in the examples module)

      NOTE:   In order to implement composite DTO feature DTOAssembler is no longer the assembler object but only a factory with returns Assembler instances. This will require a small code change for those who upgrade.

2012-05-31 Stable v.2.0.1 (tagged in svn)

    Support for AOP advice RegEx matcher, to make it possible to fine tune transformation methods

    Additional improvement on the infrastructure level relating to Spring 3 integration

    Revised use of logging and general tidy up around logging

2012-04-23 Stable v.2.0.0 (tagged in svn)

    On maven central (at last)

    Namespace changed from dp.lib to com.inspiresoftware.lib.dto.geda (geda.core module is essentially v.1.1.3)

    Extracted performance/web tests to a separate mvn module (geda.core-ptest)

  Spring 3 integration through @Transferable annotation (geda.spring-integration)

    ValueConverterRepository deprecated by AdaptersRepository

2011-12-12 Stable v.1.1.3 (tagged in svn)

     Virtual fields support

     Blacklisting class names to overcome problems with auto generated classes such as hibernate's javassist classes.

2011-07-12 Stable v.1.1.2 (tagged in svn)

    A lot of work done around refactoring and cleaning up code

    Taken a whole new approach to method synthesizers, added the following default implementations: reflection, javassist (3.8), bcel (5.2), suntools (requires tools.jar)

     Javassist still remains as default (sometime issues may arise with class loading), reflection being the most error prone but the least effective performance wise, suntools (about the same as javassist, however requires writing source files to disk!), bcel - a simplistic synthesizer (with a lot of limitations) but has no issues with class loading and does not create source files. Take a look a #configure() method on various object that allows many configurations (including supping your own implementation of synthesizer)

2011-06-01 Stable v.1.1.1 (tagged in svn)

    Added fix to cope with generic classes inheritance

    Added fix to omit entity setter scanning for readOnly fields to enable use of immutable entity beans (with getters only) 

2011-04-04 Stable v.1.1.0 (tagged in svn)

    GeDA now uses javassist to dynamically create pipes' supporting classes to minimize use of reflection

    Additionally added weak references cacheing class in favour or hash map to minimize memory leaks and OOM's

    Added support for mapping map values by key.

2010-10-20 Stable v.1.0.3 (tagged in svn)

    some enhancements to ValueConverterRepository

2010-09-28 Stable v.1.0.2 (tagged in svn)

    added auto Dto binding feature

2010-09-12 Stable v.1.0.1 (tagged in svn)

    fix for multi interface inheritance

2010-08-17 Stable v.1.0.0 (tagged in svn)

2010-07-12 Added DTOHelper tool that helps to manipulate on fields using Maps and Arrays

2010-06-18 Added @DtoMap annotation, so you can map map-to-collection and map-to-map.

                NOTE:   There was major refactoring, with sligth changes to annotaions API, so you may find small build breaks when you upgrade!

2010-06-16 Added batching for assembling a collection of dtos/entities + some refactoring on tests

2010-06-14 DtoParent annotation addition and refactoring of pipes to use pipe meta object

2010-03-01 Fixed NPE with null Entity properties and added some more validation on DataPipes

2010-01-31 Default field binding and inheritance of DTO' fix (now there is no need to specify value for annotation if your getters/setters match on DTO and Entity). This enhancement was added so that DTO with deep structure can be assembled on the fly. It is also recommended to have a bean factory for DTO's

2010-01-28 Collections support and enhanced bean factory management (added DTO factory injection).

2009-10-21 Few enhancements with value converters and bean factory injections. It is recommended to have some bean factory for your Entities so that GeDA can automatically construct deeply nested entities.

2009-10-08 Initial GeDA pilot that allows domain entities to flat DTO conversions

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