We do appreciate that there are quite a few configurations involved in mapping DTO however it would be impractical to try an explain all use cases for each feature of GeDA API.

Please download source code and have a look at our comprehensive list of examples. It will be much easier for you to understand how GeDA works by looking at actual working examples.

The examples are located in two places: 

examples module

And some more advanced and not so easy to read core examples used by JUnits

The example are located in core/src/test/java/com.inspiresoftware.lib.dto.geda.assembler.examples package:



  We strongly recommend to setup GeDA project in an IDE such as Intellij IDEA or Eclipse as you will be able to easily navigate to the JUnit test that use the sample mapping DTO and Entity files
  See this article about setting up GeDA project

Although I encourage everyone learn how to use GeDA from the examples in source code not everything is just that easy to understand from them, so I have decided to start this brief topics series to describe in more details some of the difficulties that GeDA users encounter.

  Got stuck? Post your question on GeDA Google Groups 

If you need urgent help use our feedback form.

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