Default theme customer's profile page contains four sections: 

  • Mandatory information containing email and name
  • Additional information containing profile attributes enable for current shop
  • Password section that allows to reset password, which is sent to customer's email address
  • Address book listing addresses for allowed shop's locations

Profile page template anticipates that all shop specific attributes visible to the customer will be defined by additional attributes. Rest of the information is used directly by YC functions such as authentication and shipping/billing information during checkout

Customer profile pages



Element Template Configurations 1Content include 2Description 
C.1 Mandatory information Summary panel    
C.2 Additional information Dyna form panel   Section for configuring shop specific profile page 
C.2.1 Additional information attributes Dyna form panel Shop level attribute "SHOP_CUSTOMER_PROFILE_ATTRIBUTES_VISIBLE".
Shop level attribute "SHOP_CUSTOMER_PROFILE_ATTRIBUTES_READONLY" for read only. 
 Elements of form are automatically rendered depending on the custom attribute definitions. There are two settings, one for attributes to be shown and another for specifying which of these attributes are read only. This configuration is explained in customer profile management
C.2.2 Additional information content Dyna form panel  "profile_dynaform_content_include" Allows to add additional information. E.g. how to fill in the form, advice on how data will be used etc. 
C.3 Password reset button Password panel   Button that allows to re-generate password for customer and send it via email. 
C.4 Address book Manage addresses Shop level "shipping" and "billing" location settings  Address book component allows to list all addresses for which location is allowed by current shop. 
C.5 Address update form Create/Edit address page Shop level "shipping" and "billing" location settings  Allows to add or update addresses. Locations selection is limited by shop location settings. 
F.1 Footer Standard footer   This component is described in Home page documentation 
H.1 Header Standard header   This component is described in Home page documentation 
M.1 Sections nav    Javascript backed navigation that allows to just between sections of the page 

1 Configurations refer to shop and category custom attributes that define behaviour of components
2 Content include refers to shop URI suffix for content. For example if shop has code "SHOP10" and content include is specified as "custom_content" then URI of the content include that will be rendered is "SHOP10_custom_content"

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