Demo theme featuring responsive design is built on top of default theme overriding the following templates to simplify demo store installation process:

Template Notes 
component/EmptyCentralView.html Replaces dynamic content block with a slideshow of categories 
component/header/StandardHeader.html Replaces content for top menu with hardcoded one and sets default demo store logo 
component/header/CheckoutHeader.html Sets default demo store logo 
component/footer/StandardFooter.html Replaces content for footer menu with hardcoded one, sets default demo store logo and social links 
component/footer/CheckoutFooter.html Replaces content for footer menu with hardcoded one 

Demo store

We invite the reader to explore live demo store http://demo.yes-cart.org/ that uses 'ycdemo' theme. 

Figure 1 below shows home page screenshot of demo store.

Figure 1: Home page


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